Products & Services

Digital transformation, with a view to enhancing processes and services, is changing the target market of organizations, impacting both their business and their reputation.

S3K is the ideal partner to support security and intelligence changes.

Thanks to the aggregated companies expertise , S3K intervenes on the convergence processes between IT and OT, thanks to analysis activities, expertise in creating solutions and defining predictive scenarios, anticipating the Customers’ major target market evolutions.

  • Command & Control Platforms
  • Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence, DSS
  • Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Fraud Detection, IAM, Biometric & Face Recognition Systems
  • Data Retention & Lawful Interception
  • Crypto

Following GRC (Governance Risk Management and Compliance) Doctrine’s dictates, S3K can activate integrated capabilities enabling any organization to reliably achieve its own goals, preventing risks, addressing threats, ensuring systems and infrastructures integrity, pursuant to company policies and procedures.

S3K offers horizontal and customized solutions making recourse to innovative technologies and because of constant research and development training paths.

  • Analysis / Consulting / Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test,Training & Education
  • Application Dev, MAC/MEV Database Architecture, Security by design
  • Mobile, Networking, Cloud & Mail Security
  • Compliance & data leakage prevention, Data Privacy & GDPR
  • UEBA, Insider Threats, Detection & Prevention, Cyber intelligence
  • Security Operation Centre – SOC, NOC, Incident response & forensics
  • Network / Application Performance Visibility & Management

The NIS Directive - which targets the Essential Services Operators of the sDefence, Telco & Media, Energy & Utilities, Central & Local Government, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Finance (Banking & Insurance), Infrastructures, Health & Life Science, Automotive, Industrial Goods & Communications, Aerospace & Defence Industries, Consumer Goods & Services - defines the guidelines of the scope of action perimeter privileging Security-by-Design solutions. In other words, it addresses how cybersecurity approaches from the very first beginning of ICT design and related interactions with each organization's IoT ecosystem.

S3K offers extensive solutions declined on specific needs, compliant with current regulatory provisions and applicable standards, through state-of-the-art technologies and dedicated training courses.

  • ICS Industrial Control Systems / SCADA, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • Critical Infrastructures Protection (Transportation, Healthcare, Telco, Energy, Finance)
  • Rail & Metro, Autonomous Vehicles, Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS
  • Territory Protection Systems
  • Airport, Maritime & Port Security
  • Urban Security / Safe City
  • C-UAV / UAV