S3K is a reality created to support public and private entities for their security strategies definition and implementation, related to infrastructure and processes safe at the origin and by design, paying special attention to awareness and training of the involved people for the services provided to the market.

S3K has implemented an innovative model of horizontal aggregation of industrial, Italian and foreign excellences, resulting into:

  • Common Vision
  • Knowledge of specific industries and territory
  • Skills Complementarity
  • Large services and solutions portfolio
  • Partnerships and certifications

S3K operates as a stakeholder to his customers, with an integrated portfolio of analysis consulting capabilities , project design, support for organizational impact assessment, identification of integrated technology solutions and delivery capabilities services managed by central infrastructures.

S3K guarantees absolute excellence of solutions, the highest reliability and a constant commitment for a quality in delivery.

The company's areas of expertise:

  • Security & Intelligence
  • Cyber Security & Professional Services
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

SMS Sistemi

S3K Territorial presence


S3K people is experienced, certified and competent on such technologies and processes of the industry segments in which it operates